* the great Communicate *

Answer the questions

What can animals do that people can't.?
*Animals can be great communicate many way foer example dog can bark and communicate with other dog..but people cannot understand what a dog saying..or whale can sing a songs..this thing is many different from people.

How do you like to communicate.?
*Communicate is now part of life.We can communicate with other people in many different ways. benefit of communicate , it is easy to help everyone understand something that you saying .In fact,We also talk and understand each other, and ready to answer some trouble.

What is happning in information technology now ?
*I think,In future many people are optimistic about the future of the interhet.Already , users can by books, book tickets and get all sorts of information from the internet , We get entertainment from net and that television will probably disappear. I think , virtual reality will become part of modern life and world is now move quickly.>>>

From Green

* Introduce myself * ...

Hi everyone .

I am Green.I am 17 years old.I study at Kheme Siri Memorial School.i have two sisters.Moreover,there are 7 persons in my family ,include my sisters ...My younger sister's name is Guey..She is 14 years old.She is a clever girl.She learns British like me ,class teen.About my youngest sister 's name is Gloy.She is sometimes a naughty girl and a big mouth kid.She is 9 years old.We study at same school.And then, about me. I want to be a supermodel , a decorator and actress.It is ideal dream.But there is several thing ,i want to do for example,learn English language more, practice it and will go abroad...Okay i think it may make everyone understand my life...Okay Bye BYe Green

Information technology now

What is happening in information technology now?

Information is very important to analize and decide for succeeding purpose.Who can get more fast and fact information gain more benefit. Information technology now is developed to easy way to search, but it must to be recognized for storage,the truth ,security and analization that information.


What do you think?

Hi Everyone,

• What can animals do that people can't?
- From my opinion, I'm extremely agree with P'Jeab that animals can communicate with the other animals in many different ways that similar with humen depend on what kind of the animals.

• How do you like to communicate?
- I think that I like to communicate by talking and chatting in Thai language because I can talk and listen smoothly without translating if it's not Thai language.

• What is happening in information technology now?
- I agree with everybody that the information technology's moving very fast. If you've stayed at home without going outside and using communicators for around 3-6 months, you will be out-of-date.


Introduce Myself

Hi Everyone

My name is Pisit Kuensuwan or you can call me "Pun". I'm 16 years old. I live in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Now I'm a student of Yothinburana School and studying at grade 11 in Japanese Major of English Program. So, I can speak 3 languages that are Thai, English and Japanese. I hope this course will improve my English. Dozo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (If you have some advice, please tell me.) Nice to meet you all.

Thank you,

What do I think about communication?

Hi everybody,
1. What can animals do that people can't?
- Actually animals can communicate by not using speech. For example, some animals can tell their friends that some paleces are dangerous. Others can tell where they are. For me, animals might have special organs or senses that they can use in communication.
2. How do you like to communicate?
- I like face to face communiction. When we can see people who we talk with, we can get the right messages. We will know what they think. Also we can understand each other better. In my opinion face to face is the best way in communication.
3. What is happening in information technology now?
- For me, technology is very important for all people. It can help people get a lot of information faster. But there are also some disadvantages. Some information might not be true. Therefore, we shouldn't believe in everything we get from the internet.



Hi everybody,

Referring about the questions "What do you think?" in page No.10, I think

1. Animals use their body,smell and sound for comunications without writting languang such as Dancing for finding food of Bees, Barking of dogs etc. That is people can't do.

2. I like to communicate by writting more than speaking for English comunnication because I am not confindient my seft. I am very worry and serious that I speak with foreigners. I can't tell them What I want to do or
what they want to me do.
Sometime Anything speechs that you speak with peoples it not change or correct but writting you have time for thinking, changing or correction befort sending.
Do you think agree wiht me?

3. Now Technoloy is very quickly and peoples develope and change technology everyday.We can communicate with other peoples anywhere,anytime. At home, we can use internet for searching new information without we don't travel to information or contact who may concern. It is comfortable, quickly and save time for now scciety peoples. Sometimes I think now technology makes a little relationship among people.

Gate (Ket)

What do I think about communication?

Dear Everybody,
My opinion about 3 questions are:
1. What can animals do that people can't?
I agree with P'Pang that communication of animals and people are different.People always communicate with their languages.They can write and talk.The animals don't have any languages.They can't talk and write,so they have to find the different ways to communicate with each others.such as dolphins,they always communicate with their sonic sound that people can't hear.
2. How do you like to communicate?
For me face to face is too difficult because I'm not confident when I communicate with someone I don't know.I always lose myself,and I don't know what should I do? I like to communicate by chat in MSN because I don't worry anything,and I'm sure that it is myself.
3. What is happening in information technology now?
Absolutely that information technology now is moving very fast.You have to change everything in 3-6 months because it always out-of-date such as mobile phone,computer,notebook,and television.However, today people use more technology.For example,they use e-mail instead of letter because it's not waste time and it's very comfortable.




My opinions about communication.

Hi, everybody.
This is my opinions about communication.

1. What can animals do that people can't?
Do you know that bees communicate with another one by dancing? Its style can show the direction to the food or flowers. And do you know that some animals use their smell to appreciate the females? I'll never do something like that. So I don't agree with Jeab & Joh that we are the same.

2. How do you like to communicate?
Actually I don't like to communicate. Althought it's in Thai language. That's why my boss always blame me when I have to present my project. I'm not good in presenting. For English communication, when I was young I always tried to hide my face. But now it's better.

3. What is happening in information technology now?
I totally agree with Jeab. I think the information technology now is going too fast. If you buy a new mobile phone today, it will be out-of-date within 3 months. And in the next decade, they may launch new model every week. I think they try to show that the smallest is the newest or the best. But they don't think of a big guy like me! I don't know why they don't try to develop the model that can use everywhere without disconnecting like using it in the elevators.


Dear Students

Where are you all?

If you can't think of a good answer to the questions then perhaps say something! Anything!!!

As long as it's related to our studies in some way - i.e. - is in or is about English it's okay!

Hope to see more posts up here before class,



Re : What do you think ?

Hello everybody,

I've already read student's book on page 11 (PEOPLE - the great communicators) yet.
I think about 3 questions follow this :

1. What can animals do that people can't?
- I agree with P' Jeab about animal can communicate many different ways depend on the kind of animals and I think that animal communication it's a truth (no lies) but people don't make sure that they communicate it's true or not.

2. How do you like to communicate?
- For sure, face - to - face communication is very good for understanding. But I think sometimes when we don't want to meet our partner because of conflict with her/him or don't have many times. We should to communicate with them by writing or phone.

3. What is happening in information technology now?
- Absolutely information technology is very fast moving. We can get a lot of information from computer or internet. At the present, I think everybody ought to learn it because it's necessary for life.

To Edward ...
Please comment and correct the wrong sentences (grammar or vocab.) are posted it.
Thank you.


introduce myself

My name's Grid klomchum.My nick name is Go,I don't have any brothers and sisters.My family live in Bangkok, a capital of Thailand. I graduated from CRMA.(Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy) in Signal Engineering.Now I work at 9 Signal Battalion in 9 Infantry Division,my work is suport about communication system in field of wire and radio relay for the Division . 9 Infantry Division is located in Kanchanaburi, the most favorite travelling province in Thailand, Kanchanaburi has very bautiful view of forest,mountain,river and waterfall that I love it so much ,but it's very difficult for signal communication because the terrain is interupt signal radio.Next year I will come back to work in Signal Department Bangkok ,I shuld to improve my english skill for work and for more education.
Hello all,

I've done the homework 3-5 last night. My openion for 3 question are:

What can animals do that people can't?
-I think that the animals can communicate with the other animals in many different ways depend on the kinds of animals.And it's similar with the human's communicate.For me the people can copy the sound of animals but can't understand what does that sound means?

How do you like to communicate?
-I like communicate by face to face,I think it's easiest to understand because sometimes if you don't understand and you don't know "How to speak?" you can use write or painting for help.

What is happening in information technology now?
-I think that the information technology,It's moving very fast.We can found the new technology everyday