What do I think about communication?

Hi everybody,
1. What can animals do that people can't?
- Actually animals can communicate by not using speech. For example, some animals can tell their friends that some paleces are dangerous. Others can tell where they are. For me, animals might have special organs or senses that they can use in communication.
2. How do you like to communicate?
- I like face to face communiction. When we can see people who we talk with, we can get the right messages. We will know what they think. Also we can understand each other better. In my opinion face to face is the best way in communication.
3. What is happening in information technology now?
- For me, technology is very important for all people. It can help people get a lot of information faster. But there are also some disadvantages. Some information might not be true. Therefore, we shouldn't believe in everything we get from the internet.



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