What Are Differences Between English & American People?

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I don't have many ideas of this question even though my school have many foreign teachers, I still don't know who is British and who is American. But I have learnt some differences from my experience that

1. Vocabulary : There are some vocabularies that have the same meaning but that words have similar spelling and some of that words have different spelling for example the word "color" and "colour" and the word "philosopher's stone" and "sorcerer's stone" that we found in Harry Potter first book.

2. Sport : In the word "Football", for British it means football that we've already known but if it for American, it means "Rugby" or it's called "American Football". In the same way, the word football that we've known for American it's "Soccer".

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1. There are many things animals can do that people can't do such as a dog has a good sense of smelling , lizard can change a color of skin .

2. I like body languages because If we have different languages but we can understand body languages such as hug it's mean you have a good feeling with her or him.

3.Tegnology are develop untill it seem to replace human


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Differences between English and American people

I 've never been to England and U.S.A. So some of my opinions may not be true.^^
I agree with P'pank about movies. I think Thai people are more interested in American movies than English movies. Americans movies have many style and a lot of kind movie. But English movies are not popular in Thailand. I don't have idea about English movies. Maybe English movies are better than American movies.
I think English people are more polite than American people. In American movies people always use rude words. But American people speak more slowly than English people.
English and American people sometimes use different words which mean the same things. For example, Americans use "apartment" meaning "flat" in English.
Some words are spelled differently. For instance, Americans spell "center" while the English spell "centre". Americans spell "color" but the English spell "colour".



What are difference between American & British

I don't no ideas about Americans anymore I have an ideas about British little bit because in my shcool. There is an English teacher from England come to teaches me and he is on time..he spend all time to hlpe me and my friend to teach english and sometime check my essay ...
Okayy i will back to posttt


What are the differences between English people VS Americans ?

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I'd like to show my opinion about this subject for a few ideas.

1. Sports - I think Americans love American football (NFL) and basketball (NBA), but English people love football, rugby and cricket.

2. Food - English people like to eat fish and chips and drink tea, but Americans like to eat hamburger or hot-dog and drink coffee more than tea.

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I hope you all had fun and enjoyed yourselves in last week's class.

Please post a message on here giving your ideas on the differences between English and American people, there are some good ideas here already.

If you are unsure you can talk about cars, movies (like Pank), TV, music, personality - anything you know about and want to share. We'll continue our discussions in class so it's a good idea to post a short idea here and add more in class.

Remember what we are writing are only generalisations and will never be 100% true (as Jeab says). However they can be interesting ways of getting conversation and debate going as perhaps you all have different ideas.

See you Saturday,

PS - remember there is a spell check option, use it!

My openion

Hello all,

What are differences between American & England peoples?
-In my openion,We can't to explain the differences of both nationality because when you met the forginer just one or the part of them.It isn't mean the other people whom you never met them same as.Every nationality have somethings the same and somethings differences i.g. I met the England man,He's tall,politely,frendly.... It isn't mean the other England man has everythings like him.



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My name is Rattiya Toiparn. My nickname is "oat".I'm 16 years old.I come from Thailand.I'm a student of "Satriwithaya school".I live at home my parents and my brother.I can speak 2 languages [ Thai , English ]i have one brother.He's studying at "Civil Aviation Training Center" . I'm going to study at Thammasart University. After I graduate , I want to be a lawyer .


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Differences between British & American.

This is only my thought because I've never been to England and never had any British friends or colleagues. I will use something from movies.

1. Americans always try to show something that they call "Think out of the box". And they always break the rules but at the end it will be good to do that way. But for British they will always follow guidelines & regulations. For me, "Think out of the box" is good when we are in a brain-storm situation. And we have to communicate to everyone in the team clearly after that. We work as a team. Not the one man shows.

2. Americans always show their strength & roughness. British will show their smartness, enchantment and politeness.(James Bond)

3. Americans don't have their culture because they compose of people from many countries like Spain, France, England,... They've just been U.S. for 250 years. While England has a long history for more than 2000 years.



last Saturday

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I felt funny in our class,I thought everybody felt same me.I did the homework on blue book but it isn't completed yet.I think about the last homework that we have to post it in our blog "What are the differences (if any) between English & American people?"

It's dificult for me to answer this question because when i met the foreigner,I couldn't know what are their nationality? I didn't observed them and i think the foreigner similar but I can't do this question now,I want the time to think about it. I will post it later.