What do you think?

Hello all,

good class today - very pleased teacher. I hope you feel similarly.
After you've done the reading (p11) finish off the questions 3 - 5 and then get to the "what do you think?" section. Post your thoughts and ideas here.

What can animals do that people can't? (thinking about communication - not just ability!!)
How do you like to communicate?
What is happening in information technology now?

I want you to post your thoughts and react to your fellow students ideas. Here are a few language ideas you might use to disagree:

For me...
I'm not sure...

there are many more, can you use some on here?

To agree:

For sure...
I agree with...

see if you can use these and some of your own expressions

good luck with your homework...Remember to use I think, and also remember these are only opinions, don't get upset or stressed, let's keep our cool!


About me

I'm Mind.I come from Thailand. I live in Nakorn Phatom. I'm a student at Princess Sirindhorn's College. I'm studying English-French programme. Every Saturday, I have French and English class at CAS and British Council. I think Engish and Frech are important for me. After I finish high school, I'm going to study in the Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University. In the future,I'd like to study aboard.



Hi Everybody,
My name is Kanokkorn Tuntriyanon.My nickname is Nun.I come from Bangkok(the capital state of Thailand).I'm a student of Aussumption university.I am very excited because it is my first year.I'm studying Business Administration(BBA).It is very hard work because all subjects are english.I try to do my best for graduate from ABAC.
I live at home with my family.There are my father,mother, grandmother,elder brother,and I.My brother is studying at ABAC in major International Business Management(IBM).After I graduated,I am going to work as an auditor.I hope so.


Introduce Myself

Hi everyone,

My name is Atthapong Fahmongkolchai. My nickname is joh. I've graduated from Kasetsart University at Agro-Industry Faculty (Major Product Development) for 4 years ago. At the present I work at Samsen Brewery Co., Ltd. in production supervisor. My responsibilities are control mixing and filling process green tea line and prepare worker for production.
I live at home with my father and my younger sister in Bangkok, Thailand. In the future, I'll want to have own business about food products and distribute to around the world. So I think english language it
very important for me.


introduce myself

My name’s Benyapa Laothip. My friends calls me Aom. I come from Bangkok, a capital of Thailand. I’m a student at the Thammasat University. I’m studying at the liberal arts’ s faculty : about history,economy,history of arts and languages of Asia.I think this course is very interesting. I also know a little Protuguese, so I can speak three languages. I’ m enjoying the languages a lot, but the history and economy are really hard work.
I live at condo with my brother. My brother is studying law.After I graduate , I would like to be an air-hostess. I hope so, anyway


Introduce myself

Hi everyone,

My name is Pank. My birth place is Ratchburi.
It is 100 Km from Bangkok.
I graduated from Chulalongkorn University in faculty of Engineering.
I worked in computer field for 20 years.
I love my jobs because it concerns with new technologies.
My jobs have to contact with foreigners so I have to improve my English communication by taking course at BC.

July 3,2006

Hi everybody,

My name's Rungrawee Chinphruthiwongse,But you can call me "Jeab". I live at Bangkok,It's the city of Thailand. I'm graduated from Bangkok University.My major is Accounting.

I'm work at Jewellry Company.My position is pricing,My jobs are check the prices of jewellries
i.g. the gold weight,the stone weight and quality and the others materials.I have to calculate the jewellery before ship them to the customers. My office have to contact a lot of customers whom they live the other countries.

I'm work at Thien Po Jewellery about 5years ago.I have a plan about my education that
I will study Master degree the next 2 years.

I want to change my major because after graduated.I've never done the jobs about accout!!.