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Hello everybody,

I've already read student's book on page 11 (PEOPLE - the great communicators) yet.
I think about 3 questions follow this :

1. What can animals do that people can't?
- I agree with P' Jeab about animal can communicate many different ways depend on the kind of animals and I think that animal communication it's a truth (no lies) but people don't make sure that they communicate it's true or not.

2. How do you like to communicate?
- For sure, face - to - face communication is very good for understanding. But I think sometimes when we don't want to meet our partner because of conflict with her/him or don't have many times. We should to communicate with them by writing or phone.

3. What is happening in information technology now?
- Absolutely information technology is very fast moving. We can get a lot of information from computer or internet. At the present, I think everybody ought to learn it because it's necessary for life.

To Edward ...
Please comment and correct the wrong sentences (grammar or vocab.) are posted it.
Thank you.



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