What do I think about communication?

Dear Everybody,
My opinion about 3 questions are:
1. What can animals do that people can't?
I agree with P'Pang that communication of animals and people are different.People always communicate with their languages.They can write and talk.The animals don't have any languages.They can't talk and write,so they have to find the different ways to communicate with each others.such as dolphins,they always communicate with their sonic sound that people can't hear.
2. How do you like to communicate?
For me face to face is too difficult because I'm not confident when I communicate with someone I don't know.I always lose myself,and I don't know what should I do? I like to communicate by chat in MSN because I don't worry anything,and I'm sure that it is myself.
3. What is happening in information technology now?
Absolutely that information technology now is moving very fast.You have to change everything in 3-6 months because it always out-of-date such as mobile phone,computer,notebook,and television.However, today people use more technology.For example,they use e-mail instead of letter because it's not waste time and it's very comfortable.




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