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Welcome to our class blog.

This post represents a continuation of a blogging thread of work which began before Christmas. This group are Thai adult learners (16-40ish) students studying once a week on a pre-intermediate course at the British Council in Bangkok. They classes run from Jan - April. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Annie's blog http://annie-triad.blogspot.com
Na's blog http://najournal.blogspot.com
Jee's blog http://jee-panda.blogspot.com
fon's blog http://fon0207.blogspot.com
Bae's blog http://eequoq.blogspot.com
Jeab's blog http://rungrawee.blogspot.com
Nun's blog http://sunnun.blogspot.com
Pank's blog http://pankman2006.blogspot.com
Meow's blog http://meow-meow-blog.blogspot.com
Mind's blog http://mymind28.blogspot.com
Green's blog http://greenqty.blogspot.com
Aom's blog http://aom-showtime.blogspot.com
Nut's blog http://onge-nut.blogspot.com
Kak blog http://kyozaa.blogspot.com
Oat's blog http://llollalltll.blogspot.com

Teacher's blog - http://edthekru.wordpress.com

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