Some Questions ???

Last week I went to Swensen ice-cream shop with my daughter. When I read a board about their shop that the headline is "Ice Cream is My Life", there was a sentence that I felt it maybe not correct in grammatical or in the feeling. That sentence is "Customers must have agreed because today Swensen's is enjoyed not only in San Francisco, but around the world."
In grammatical, I think it should be "All customers have agreed..."
And in my feeling, I think its chocolate ice-cream is very bitter. I like sweet and soft taste of chocolate. So I totally disagree!

And another question is about a word in action movies. When a leader shouts out load to his team, he says "Understood?". But in some movies he says "Understand?". What is the right one that we should use?


Time to be one...hahaha

Dear all,
Hi everyone . This week is last course to learn English. I have finished a final test. I feel relax with this.I think, I learn British in next course.I make my English skill will be better...If you read my blog and want to help me or consult about my English...Alright, This week is something great happen to me once.


Dear All,

This week I am very tried because of my final exam.I test Communication in Thai, and Introduction to business. They are very difficult.I think that I read all the information about them, but I still cannot do them. I am very worrry about my grade. I'm so dissapoint.I will adapt everything for next subjects. Next week, I will have 2 tests. One is Bussiness Law and the other is Math for Business.I will do my best!!!

See you in class.


Last Week

Hello all,

I have no idea to post for last week because I did nothing special.I still watched a movie and listened a radio when I had a time.On Tuesday was my bad day because the traffic was terrible I spent about 3-4 hours from my office to my home.

see you in class.