Hello all

Dear class 3.1,
well done today and on your homework - some nice profiles, very satisfying for me to see so much of your work on here.

Last week we worked on some new grammar and you all did well. You also covered some errors that people had made on the blog. Continue doing this at home. 10 -20 next week!!! Number 14 is difficult!!

So this week your homework is to post a short story about something in your life......
It can be fictional if you want or you can be 'liberal with the truth' and make something rather dull more interesting. Don't forget our target to use the past continuous and past simple together - correctly!!

feedback next week in class for sure - and perhaps this week as your stories appear on the blog.


Oat's Profile

Her idea of perfect happiness is nothing. She always carries mobile phone with her. Her parents is the greatest love of her life. Clothes is her greatest extravagance. Her greatest fear is ghost. Her personality trait most dislike in herself is bad mouth and in other people is too much bitch. The most dislike about her appearance is short hair. And most like about herself is nothing. Her favorite smell is good smell. When she fell in love was her happiest. Her motto is "do good, get good." Nightmare always keeps her awake at night. She like to be expelled from school because she will be remembered. The most important lesson has taught her was getting grade 0.


Chang's profile

His perfect happiness is when he meet real love with someone is like his mom. He always carry his wallet. His mom is the greatest love of his life. He doesn't extravagance. Blood is greatest fear when he saw blood he will headache. Selfish is the most dislike personality trait in other people for him. His the most like in himself is silent. Leaf in the forest is his favourite smell. His the happiest is when he sleep in his house. "change for the better" is his motto. Night mare can keep him awake at night. He likes to remembered he will create new model. The most important lesson in his life has taught him was slept late before examination.


Pun's profile

Pun's profile

His perfect happiness is believing with someone I have. He always carry watch with time. His graetest love of his life is his parents. He doesn't extravagance of anything. He fears a ghost. His most dislike persondility trait is "innocence" . He doesn't like a thin in him appearance. He likes to be himself. He likes good smell. He was happinest when he's staying with someone he love. His motto is "not real friend and real enemy in the world". Nightmare keeps him awake at night. He likes to remembered his highest japanese A-net scores in Thailand. And he has the game to taught him the most important lesson life.

--- Oat !!!!

GO's Profile

GO likes to travel in the other places of Thailand. He thinks it's a perfect happiness and relaxing after he has worked a long times. He always carry mobile phone everywhere to connects with other people when he's emergengy. His family is the greatest love of his life. Recently, he buys a new computer laptop. It's a greatest extravagance for him. When he has any times, he likes to play many sports but one sport which he is doesn't like it is driving because he feels uncomfortable when he's driving to the deep sea.
He told me about his personality which he disliked, it is thinking so much because he spent many times to make sure that it's good for do it. In other people, he most dislikes a person who was promised but didn't do it. For him, his appearance most dislike is eye. He thinks it may be bigger than that. Thinking before doing is most like about himself. Flowers are favourite smell for him. He was happiest when he has been ceremony honour for sword presentation to army officer form his majesty the King. His motto is "Where there is a will there is a way". His work kept him awake at night. He would like to be remembered that a friendly person.



:::::::: P'Om 's profile ::::::::::

P'Om likes to stay with her family happily .She really loves her parents.It 's her idea of perfect happiness . She sometimes buys some clothes extravagantly.When she goes out ,she always carries her telephone . She has more fear, she fears if nobody loves her actually,I will take care her .She doesn't like to worries about something because it makes her confuse and it doesn't good for her healthy.She doesn't like a self - fish person.Her face is a big problem for her appearance but i think ,her face is beautiful and she has a pretty brown eyes .Her favourite smell is food.She have a dinner with her mom marvelously at home.Her motto is " Where there 's a will,there's a way.She hates a sound makes her annoyed.Finally her importan lesson life teaches her to doesn't stay alone .
:::::::: ~ Green ~

Green' profile.

When Green falling in love , she thinks that it is a perfect happiness for her and I don't know the name of a lucky boy so I will ask her about this secret.
When she goes around with her family or friends. She must to carry a purse everytimes. Because money is important for her.The clothes : shoes, watches,skirts, etc are interested by her . But the greatest extravagance are shoes.
In her ' s life , parents is the greatest love for her. If she have problems , they always stay beside her everytimes. And the home where she can hug her parents.
Ghost is the greates fear for her. When she sleeps at night if the dog bark, she will awake immediately.
The personality trait that she dislike is always serious.Serious about her studies and behavior of her friends , etc.And the personality trait that she dislikes in other people is the beatiful girls than her. She is joking. The most dislike about her appearance is mouth but I think her lip is so sexy. The eyes is the most like in her appearance.

The flowers is the fovorite smell for her.She would like to be a supermodel of Thailand.I think she can do it because her motto is try to be the one.
The last, the most important lesson for her is when she make a mistake, she will improve it.

[Aom] Benyapa

Studying English is great!!!: September 2006

Mind idea's of perfect happiness is she has a nice dream. She carry her bag always. Her mom is the greatest love of her life.She greatest extravagance in food. She is greatest fear snake.She dislike person as angry and selfish.She don't like her body when she appearance.She think that she is friendly.She like smell of Capuchino coffee.She will happy when she is travelling with her family on the beach such as Huohin.Her motto is Today is the best. She will awake at night from dog bark's. She hope that she will help someone as poppular in the world. The most important lesson life has tought her is she fell in exam matchs.

Thanapoom J.(Chang+)


.^NUN^.'s Profile

This is N^U^N 's profile ( I don't know what her logo means to.)

Nun is the Chinese doll with eyeglasses that always sit next to Sai.
Her perfect happiness is to have a big family. She likes living with a lot of members in the family. She loves her family very much. She feels so happy everywhere & whenever she stays with her family.
She spends a lot of money in comic books.
And she fears of cockroaches like me that we will run away from it.
Her most dislike trait in herself is her jealousy. She feels jealous when her friends got a good grade. She dislikes the stingy people. And she dislikes her fatness too. She likes herself about her working hard in studying.
Her favourite smell is a water melon smell...???...
Her motto is "What the man do is the man done."
Her elder brother's snoring always awakes her at night.
She would like people to remember her in the way of a funny girl.
The most important lesson in her life is "practice make perfect".

See you in the class.

Do you remember me?

Sawadee krab Ed,

Do you remember me??

Hi everybody, How are you krab

I didn't join in class last saturday and other times but I have Jeab consultances about this class so I will join activity both in class and out of class by mail because I have problem about my jobs. I have busy in business about strategic pand and deveolpment customer so we will get target in 2006. This week we have homework with partner that I haven't partner in class because I have less participants. However, I will participate with in class that is Jeab so I interview her by MSN. We often have MSN through

Jeab had graduted Bechelor degree from Bangkok University in major Accounting. She works as about finance in jewerly industry. She has plan to study in Australia or New Zealands in next year. She will studies in Eng.language so I recommendation with her that may be study in master degree but she would like exprerience in aboard than degree. She has plan master deree in ABAC because study expense cheaper than aboard.

Jeab is the working women because she has passion about lifestyle in herself and got to high position that I think she will got the target in coming soon.

If i ahve free time , I will join again krab.

Oh, Ed.... Don't forget comment with me na krab

(Anusart S.)


Mai Pen Rai!

Hey there Jeab and all,

no worries and no need to apologise. I was thinking that maybe I had made a
terrible mistake (again) with peoples names.

I know Sine (Sai) yes she's Nuns friend, they often arrive a little late because of their university schedule, I believe.

Anyhow, I'm glad that mess has been cleared up. Keep on posting your homework. I'm enjoying reading the profiles aren't you?


answer for Edward's question

Hello Edward,

sorry for my mistake.I spelled her name not correct.Actually,Her name spell is Sai.I have changed in the blog.

I'm still not sure.Do you remember Sai?.She always sits at the right of the class near Nun.She wasn't at the first time of 3A class. She went to Chiang Mai.

I hope the information I gave you enough for warning you remember her face.

Thanks for your question,I will more carefully in the next times.

see you in class.



P"Pang's profile!!!

P'Pang think that easy lifestyle is a perfect happiness.

He always carries mobile phone and Buddha necklace with him.

The greatest love of his life is his daughter because when he's got his daughter,he feel very happy and he really want to take care of her forever feeling is not the same as the love that he give to his wife.

The greatest extravagance of P'Pang is his cars has a lot of cars and he buys three cars in three years.

Cockroach is the greatest fear of him.

The personality trait that he dislikes most in himself is shy. He sometimes feels shy without any reasons and he don't know about it.This rait make him never shows some great idea to his boss.

The personality trait that he dislikes most in other people is stingy.

The appearance that he dislikes most is fat.

P'Pang likes his trait that he always talk to his friends with sincerly.

P'Pang's favourite smell is grill lobster,and steak.

The happiest in his life is when he went to Phuket with his family and he had dinner with them at seafood restaurant.

P'Pang has no motto but he told me that when he was the same age as me, he has a motto.

The thing that keeps P'Pang awake at night is his daughter would like to have a pee.

P'Pang would like the people remember him that he is a friendly person.

P'Pang's most important lesson life is the oppertunity is not always come in life, so he should ready all the time for it and when he get it ,he try to do his best,too.


Who's Sand?

Dear Class,

Who is Sand? I've been teaching you for a while and didn't notice that there was a student called Sand.....Can anyone help?

Also - I repeat myself, but you can say what you want up here, anything you like in /and/or/about English.


Sai's profile

Sai's idea of perfect happiness is marring in The Venice with her boyfriend,living in the warm home with the good family(parents,husband and child) and get the good job which get the high salaries.

Sai always carries the bag & MP 3 because she likes shopping and listening the musics.

Sai's the greatest love of life are her family and her boyfriend.Her family supports everythings she wants to do and her boyfriend who take cares her all the time when she need the help.

The greatest extravagance in her openion is clothes,accessories and the japanese products i.e. magazine,postcard,calendar and picture.she thoughts there are the luxuries but she still buy them every weeks.

Sai's greatest fear is snake.

Sai dislikes her walking action because she thinks it's not beautiful and she dislikes her loud voice.

Sai dislikes the people who speak loud.

Sai dislikes fat,short and eyes.She though her eyes are too small.

Sai like her eyes although there are small but she shows her felt by her eyes i.e. angry,smile and laugh.

Sai's favorite smell is rose because it makes her feel fresh.

Sai's happiest is the first time she met her boyfriend at their university.

Sai's motto is when you made a different you are special.

Sai awakes at night when she has the problem about homework.

Sai would like the people remember the good things she done.

Sai's important lesson in her life is try to do something which can improve herself although it's the difficult and spend the long times.