English speaking test

Last week I had a speaking test. I talked about the city where I live. I live in Nakorn phatom .There is a big pagoda in my city. It's the bigest pagoda in Thailand.Many tourist come to visit here. Sanamchan Palace is another interesting place. It was a palace of King Rama VI. You can also see the statue of Ya Lae, which was the King's dog.
The weather is very hot, but it rains every day. There is no traffic jam. Nakorn Phatom is a nice place to visit on the weekend.



Questions on BBC & World Cup

Hi, eveyone.

Last week I used almost all English on writing. I've done my staff's performance review. It's about their goals and competencies. No any Global meetings, so I did not listen to any English speaking at my office.

I have some questions on BBC & World Cup as this link below.
The word that I cannot find in any dictionary is "nuffink".
And on the vote, I think all choices are correct. I don't know that they mean to correcting in grammar or only British typically use that way.



Teacher's thoughts

I think by being actively interested in English and making sure you try to listen to something in English everyweek, this effort will help you in the end - 100%. Try to listen to things in English that you listen to in Thai this will help you bridge langauage gaps.

A message for everybody - can you write about your experiences for e.g.: be specific, what were you listening to, for example. Any way. Well done for being the first person on the boards, very brave!!!



Dear Edward
Today I would like to check can I go inside this blog. I use many times for it because I'm not often use the internet. I think that my listenning skill is poor. I should improve this skill. I can catch some words but I can't conclude it.
Best regards,
Natamon (Oy)