My opinions about communication.

Hi, everybody.
This is my opinions about communication.

1. What can animals do that people can't?
Do you know that bees communicate with another one by dancing? Its style can show the direction to the food or flowers. And do you know that some animals use their smell to appreciate the females? I'll never do something like that. So I don't agree with Jeab & Joh that we are the same.

2. How do you like to communicate?
Actually I don't like to communicate. Althought it's in Thai language. That's why my boss always blame me when I have to present my project. I'm not good in presenting. For English communication, when I was young I always tried to hide my face. But now it's better.

3. What is happening in information technology now?
I totally agree with Jeab. I think the information technology now is going too fast. If you buy a new mobile phone today, it will be out-of-date within 3 months. And in the next decade, they may launch new model every week. I think they try to show that the smallest is the newest or the best. But they don't think of a big guy like me! I don't know why they don't try to develop the model that can use everywhere without disconnecting like using it in the elevators.



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