Lat week at Ubon ratchathani

Dear All,

Last week, I have working at Ubonracthani. I have traveled by plane from Bangkok to Ubon ratchathani on monday. I have big task about business review from MD and management team from Europe. They was arrived to thailand on sunday and was going to Ubonratchathai on tuesday. The fisrt priority, I have preparation about business review and provide market.When they was arrived on the morning. We have break fast at "Sawadee Morning". This resturenat have famous in "fried Egg with ham and shredded " as same as American breakfast but they have served a flying pan. And then I have presentation about Northeast business review update August 2006 to all. Overall markat situation have have good trend and good performance to execution in market that we have No.1 in market share. We have agreement to keep and maintain no.1 in 2007. After , we have discussion about business then we are going to Srisaket province so we have market visit and visit stores. In the evening, we have dinner at chinese resturent. Nex day , we have goes to Hospital as so visited doctor and nurse. The hospital have co operation with my company such as brest feeding , moter class, training and development mother and child. In the evening , they travel back to Bangkok and I have relaxing after working hard.

Anusart S.

My week

On Wednesday, when I was sleeping, my friend called me and told me about the military coup. At first I didn’t believe her, but it was true. My friend told me that there was no school. I was disappointed because I had exams. I didn’t want to have exams after class next week. I went to my friend’s house. We studied for the exam and listened to music. I felt lazy and I thought it was good that I didn’t have to go to school. However, I had to go to school on Thursday because there was no violence. Everybody talked about the military coup. Although most people have agreed with it, I disagree with them. I think it’s undemocratic. Some countries are disappointed with the military action. I hope that we will be back to normality soon.



The Coup

This week Thailand's democracy was destroyed by the coup again after 13 years passed by. But the good thing is that there were no blood of people. And another good thing is that they can stop the PM protest that would come out on the next day. If not, it would have a lot of death. This coup showed fairly treat to PM & Ministers that they will send the clue about the corruption to the court. Not like the last coup in 13 years ago that they judged by themselves.

Last Wednesday, I didn't go to work because I could not know outside situation. I knew only the song about blessing the king.

And another good thing for me is that I had read news from BBC & CNN, so I learnt a lot of words in this situation like the word "Coup".




Hello all,

Last night,My friend called to me when I was watching a movie and she told me a news about Thailand's politics.I changed to the other channel to listening the details and it saids that the soliders were controling a few area (radio station,TV station).And had 2 groups of soliders who wear the difference clothes.I went out from my home to my office normally.when I was crossing Sathorn Bridge I saw the soliders were holding the gun and put the yellow fabric on their gun.I saw a man asked a solider that "What happened?" the solider answered him "nothing"

I'm waiting to see the other posts.


The news

Dear all,

As many of you may have the day off work today perhaps you can share your stories of the last 12 hours.

take care,



My lucky

Last day, It was Friday.I studied a half day. The subject was a history of arts in Asia. It looked easy but it was difficult for me.I had to remember a lot of pictures and the detail of its. For example, the picture of Buddha and the graveyard of him,etc. So, I had to read and read a lot. While I was studying when my friends called me "Aom! , let's go to the cinema. " I replied O.K. immediately.And then, we talk and planed the programme togather while the teacher was teaching. Suddenly, the teacher turned back and said that "If you want to talk,please get out !" And then, time up. Oh my lucky.

By the way, last week , I had an important homework that was reading for final' s test.It was about dictionary-maker : Mr. Murray and Mr. Minor and others contributors. Do you know about them ? It was an extraordinary, true story.
Dr Minor was a scholar man but was a madman and a murderer in the same time. He lived in Broadmoor, a hospital and a prison.
Dr Murray was a quiet family man. He worked at Oxford University in the 1800s.
Together these two men worked on the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the most important works in the English language.
While I was reading, The dictionary was put beside me everytimes.I had to look for the meaning of 1,000 words that I didn't know . It was a hard work! Do you think so?



Help Me

Hello Ed,

I did the homework at the student book but it's not completed yet.I don't understand the question no2 on page 29. if you have the time.Can you explain to me?


Help Me


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