* the great Communicate *

Answer the questions

What can animals do that people can't.?
*Animals can be great communicate many way foer example dog can bark and communicate with other dog..but people cannot understand what a dog saying..or whale can sing a songs..this thing is many different from people.

How do you like to communicate.?
*Communicate is now part of life.We can communicate with other people in many different ways. benefit of communicate , it is easy to help everyone understand something that you saying .In fact,We also talk and understand each other, and ready to answer some trouble.

What is happning in information technology now ?
*I think,In future many people are optimistic about the future of the interhet.Already , users can by books, book tickets and get all sorts of information from the internet , We get entertainment from net and that television will probably disappear. I think , virtual reality will become part of modern life and world is now move quickly.>>>

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