BC Level 4

BC Level 4
A stranger
Yesterday, my mother told me that there was a stranger came into our home while I was shopping at the supermarket nearly my home. He asked my mother for a money. She gave him 40 baht. She gave him a money because she afraid that he would harm her. My mother was staying alone at home because my father was working at his office and the stranger seem like he was taking drug.
He refused. He said that "You must give me59 baht for bus fare to Kanchanaburi province" So, she gave him 60 baht. He still had goodness and honest. He gave a change to my mom 1 baht and thanked her.
I told my mom that he not bad at all.


My Story

My Story of Time Machine

Hi! Everybody!

This is an essay that I whote when I was studying in grade 8. It got the highest score essay and Mr.Ed said that I can post everything that use part simple and part progressive (giggle) ,so I choose this essay to post in the blog. This story named "Time Machine."

In the normal day long time ago, I woke up and took my several routine with my family in the morning. "Could you take the tool box in the garage?" my father asked me when I was eating breakfast. "Yes" I answered him. And then while I was taking my father's tool box in the garage, I saw a strange ball with many buttons on its body. I didn't know what was it because I had never seen this ball before and now it's making me wondered with its extraordinary shape. So, I made an experiment to press the buttons on the ball before I took the tool box to my father. Suddenly, it spun and spun more quickly and more quickly untill I saw it is a black whirling ball with no button. And then the unexpected thing happened, the ball jumped from the ground and showed an unknown number "+145" after that there was a big black hole under the ground and I fell into this hole. I was scaring and screaming when the way in the black hole was looked deeper and deeper. And then I became aware when I found myself in the land of unknown. When I was confusing about this land, there was an unseenable car flew above my head on the blue sky. I also saw houses around me looked more modern than my house. Suddenly, I had already known that I was in the future and it had to be about 145 years in the future. I found that that strange ball was lying behind me and then I pressed the buttons "-145." The ball spun and made the black hole under it again. I jumped into that black hole and hoped it would make me found myself at home. And my hope, I found myself in the garage where I found that strange ball. "Did you have a good trip?" that was my father's sound and he said further "it is a time machine."


Good story

good story

Sawaddee krab,
Last saturday , we has study about past tense. Ed. gave homework abu past tense for all. Today, I would like to share about someting in my heart. Everyone has good story in life but someone has bad story. I will share about good story about the king thailand. I have proud the king because he is the best father of thailand and good model in life . I have been an audience of the king at University. I was good feeling when I saw him and he was smiled and show hand. I was trying to closely the king but I can't because many people audience the king. However, It's good story in my life that I have ever been saw and closely the king of thailand. He is the king if the world.

Long life the King


Best regards,
Anusart Sathongvian


:+:MY STORY:+:

Dear Everyone,

While I was studying at Santa Cruz Convent school, I joined the school band.I played cello and Tuba. I had to practise them after the school finished from 5 to 6.3o everyday and I went back home by my mother's car. One day, the fun event happened.It was about 6 o'clock.While my mother was waiting for me, the stranger got in my mother car and said to my mother that "I was ready to go now." When he saw my mother, he was very surprise because he got in a wrong car.The brand and color of my mother car was the same as his friend's car.He said sorry to my mother and he got off my mother's car. While my mother was driving home, she told the story to me.It was very fun.Morover,he was my English teacher.



Yesterday, my favourite boyband "TVfXQ" came to Thailand. They arrived at about 9 pm. Today, they will have a live concert in Thailand. TVfXQ is a band from Korea. There are 5 people .U-know is the leader. He is tall and handsome. He is a bass position. He is a good dancer and rapper. Hero is the most popular in Thailand, I think because he is very handsome and a good singer. He is lead vocal position. Max is the youngest and tallest in the group. He has high tone voice. He is high vocal position. I like him a lot. Micky lived in America before so he can speak English well. He came back to Korea because he wanted to be a singer. His smile is very beautiful. He is middle low vocal position. Xiah is the best singer. His voice is very good. He is middle vocal position. He has a twin brother but they look different.
They have excellent performances on stage. They have beautiful songs and great dance. They 're very popular in Asian countries, such as Korea Japan Malaysia and Thailand. They have Korea and Japanese albums. The most popular song is "Rising sun". When I listen to their songs, I'm very happy.
After the concert they will go back to Korea immediately.I hope they will come back to Thailand again.


My Last Week

Hello all,

Last week i wasn't well because it was rained almost the week, i had got a cold and had got a headache. I had to ate the hot water all the times.I got up late a couple days because the weather was cold.I visited my parents on Thursday because my father was sick.He thought the reason because he ate a mantis prawn of the genus Squilla on Wednesday.I came home early all the week because i took the boat instead of the bus. I had the time to think about homework.I posted the homework on Thursday night and i haven't saw the post of the other people.

see you in class,



Good Story For Me In Last week.

Dear all,

I phoned with my friend last week. She invited me to visit another friend who had given the first daughter's birth. I felt wondering, but I was glad with my friend and confirmed her to visit on Tuesday 12th, September.
Then last Tuesday, I went to visited my friend with the other friends about 10 persons at YUN HEE hospital. She looked like very happy, although she wasn't strong. Her daughter was a very pretty and healthiness. Doctor told her that she should be stayed in hospital about one weeks. So my friend and I had assigned with her that we will go to invite again in next month.


It's my life.( Bon Jovi )

20 years ago!.
I was working for a computer company. My job was to do preventive maintenance mini & mainframe computers. Due to my job that had a certain period of time I had to travel to many cities in Thailand every weeks like Chiang Mai, Haad Yai, Phuket, Khon Kaen and Ubon. When I went to Ubon I stayed at PratoomRat hotel. This hotel had a pool, a restaurant, a massage place and a night club. In the night I had a bad dream. In my dream I was a policeman. I drove a car to catch a thief. The thief rode a motorcycle. Many policemen helped catching the thief. When the thief cannot escape anymore he looked at me, our eyes looked into each other. And he smiled like that he was the winner. Then he picked his gun and moved it to touch his head and then he shot himself. He committed suicide with smiling face!!!.
I had the same bad dream like this for 3 times at this hotel!!!. There were some differences on the vehicle of mine and of the thief. But the same bad thing was at the end that the thief shot himself while he was smiling at me!!!.



Hello all,

About 6 years ago i studied at the university,i wasn't interested in english languauge because I felt english language was difficulted for me and one more thing my major was accounting.I thought i won't work about languauge.

After i graduated i had to got the jobs i searched that the companies wanted the people who can speak english. I knew if i could speak english i would the opportunity to get the good jobs and get the high salaries.



Homeworks last week

Hi, Jeab

I'm Ket. Did you remember me? I was not in class room two weeks. I read Ed's email on dated 09/09/06 about homework last week but I don't understand what he want us to write.

Please explains me.



I was looking out of the window waiting for something to blog when I saw...


Thank you

Hello Edward and all,

I talked about our homework in blog with P'Pank.I have the openion same as him.We like to doing the homework in blog because everybody can sees our homework and I can see their homework too.

I want to say thank you to you,Edward.I like when you read our homework and comment something back to us.

see you in class,