* Introduce myself * ...

Hi everyone .

I am Green.I am 17 years old.I study at Kheme Siri Memorial School.i have two sisters.Moreover,there are 7 persons in my family ,include my sisters ...My younger sister's name is Guey..She is 14 years old.She is a clever girl.She learns British like me ,class teen.About my youngest sister 's name is Gloy.She is sometimes a naughty girl and a big mouth kid.She is 9 years old.We study at same school.And then, about me. I want to be a supermodel , a decorator and actress.It is ideal dream.But there is several thing ,i want to do for example,learn English language more, practice it and will go abroad...Okay i think it may make everyone understand my life...Okay Bye BYe Green


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