This week's blog project is to post a picture of a view from a window and a little text about the view.

E. M Forster wrote a famous love story called a Room with a View, which I had to study at secondary school. I can't remember much except it was about a choice the leading lady has to make between an exciting artistic type and someone who her parents like...

Anyway, your room with a view will probably be very different...to E.M Forsters which was about Italy and England in the early 2oth century.

have fun taking those pictures,



Blogger Zzzz said...


hello Teacher
i have a lilttle problem with my computer @ blogger.THe puting image button doesnt work at all,i've tried till tired but ......as u see
i have no idea how to attach the picture view of from my window....
Is it possibly to bring my camera with my picture to show u in the class?!?!?!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Thai Students of English said...

hey Zzzz,
Is the image really big? If you save as a smaller jpeg it may help?

Sure you can show us all in class. An alterntive is to set up a flcikr account - www.flickr.com
it's easy to sign up and upload photos there so we can view your photo there.

keep going, sorry it's been a pain

7:52 PM  

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