Hi everybody,

Referring about the questions "What do you think?" in page No.10, I think

1. Animals use their body,smell and sound for comunications without writting languang such as Dancing for finding food of Bees, Barking of dogs etc. That is people can't do.

2. I like to communicate by writting more than speaking for English comunnication because I am not confindient my seft. I am very worry and serious that I speak with foreigners. I can't tell them What I want to do or
what they want to me do.
Sometime Anything speechs that you speak with peoples it not change or correct but writting you have time for thinking, changing or correction befort sending.
Do you think agree wiht me?

3. Now Technoloy is very quickly and peoples develope and change technology everyday.We can communicate with other peoples anywhere,anytime. At home, we can use internet for searching new information without we don't travel to information or contact who may concern. It is comfortable, quickly and save time for now scciety peoples. Sometimes I think now technology makes a little relationship among people.

Gate (Ket)


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