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Hi all,

I felt happy last class,I like to interviewing foreigners and hope we will have the chance to do again.We didn't get the homework this week.I think it wasn't good for us to improve writing.

see you all in class.




Hey Aom,
I'm a little slow in getting back to you - I hope I'm not too late.

Football (English not American) was a game played across towns and villages. Each team would kick, throw or hide the ball in an effort to transport it to the 'goal' the teams were often uneven and games were sometimes violent ' fouls we've never given. The games lacked rules or organisation.

From your text the bit in blue is written in Latin, rather unfair of your teachers I think(!). I've never studied Latin. However due to the previous comment "muscular Christianity"; the use of "and"; plus "resulted in rules". I can assume that the bit in blue supports the need for rules and I think suggests that men need rules in their life, this would tie in with religions purposes too.

I hope that's helpful. Any problems e-mail me at work or phone,


Read me!

Dear My lovely teacher!

I have some questions to ask you about my midterm's test.
What does it mean?
"...with their commitment yo muscular Christianity and mens sana in corpore sano,that rules were first established to regulate the mayham of ancient ball games." [game is mean football]
This passage come from Reading for Information's subject at my university.
Please answered me in short note if you have times.

Thank you so much.
Aom . Pre - interā¸¯

My opinion.

1. what do you like best about living in your country?
- My country have many populay places that already invited you to visit. you can travel and signseeing all year because it have 3 seasons. Each part of the country has different climate,too. For instance, if i want to picnic at the beach, I have to go at the Southern or I would like to hiking and signseeing with cold clime, I must to go at the Northern.
So, the places in my country are the best that presented you to enjoy.
2.What would you miss if you lived abroad?
- If I lived abroad , I have to miss everything in Thailand. The first thing are my parents. They always stay beside me everytime when I ' happy or sad, thay can advised me everything. The next is my friends. If I live abroad, I don't know who I can talk to. The last one is food. I think , thai 's food is the most dilicious.
3.Do you know the foreigners living in Thailand?
- Yes, I do. I know many foreigners at my university but not closed with them .
4.What do they like about it?
-I think, they like thai' s food and the beutiful places in Thailand.
5.What do they find difference?
-Everything,for instance body, habbit and language.

By Aom.


Fifty up!

Hello class.

Well done all!!

I'm extremely pleased to say that this blog is 50 posts old. That is brilliant!!! I'm extremely pleased with this as it shows great commitment to the course from you and also a desire to use English. Languages are for communicating ideas and thoughts after all.

Remember this is your space and you can post whatever you like on here as long as it has something to do with English (I sound like a scratched CD, I know!). Feedback on classes on self study etc anything you like. Any useful tips or hints can be put on here too.

Your happy teacher