P"Pang's profile!!!

P'Pang think that easy lifestyle is a perfect happiness.

He always carries mobile phone and Buddha necklace with him.

The greatest love of his life is his daughter because when he's got his daughter,he feel very happy and he really want to take care of her forever feeling is not the same as the love that he give to his wife.

The greatest extravagance of P'Pang is his cars has a lot of cars and he buys three cars in three years.

Cockroach is the greatest fear of him.

The personality trait that he dislikes most in himself is shy. He sometimes feels shy without any reasons and he don't know about it.This rait make him never shows some great idea to his boss.

The personality trait that he dislikes most in other people is stingy.

The appearance that he dislikes most is fat.

P'Pang likes his trait that he always talk to his friends with sincerly.

P'Pang's favourite smell is grill lobster,and steak.

The happiest in his life is when he went to Phuket with his family and he had dinner with them at seafood restaurant.

P'Pang has no motto but he told me that when he was the same age as me, he has a motto.

The thing that keeps P'Pang awake at night is his daughter would like to have a pee.

P'Pang would like the people remember him that he is a friendly person.

P'Pang's most important lesson life is the oppertunity is not always come in life, so he should ready all the time for it and when he get it ,he try to do his best,too.



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