Green' profile.

When Green falling in love , she thinks that it is a perfect happiness for her and I don't know the name of a lucky boy so I will ask her about this secret.
When she goes around with her family or friends. She must to carry a purse everytimes. Because money is important for her.The clothes : shoes, watches,skirts, etc are interested by her . But the greatest extravagance are shoes.
In her ' s life , parents is the greatest love for her. If she have problems , they always stay beside her everytimes. And the home where she can hug her parents.
Ghost is the greates fear for her. When she sleeps at night if the dog bark, she will awake immediately.
The personality trait that she dislike is always serious.Serious about her studies and behavior of her friends , etc.And the personality trait that she dislikes in other people is the beatiful girls than her. She is joking. The most dislike about her appearance is mouth but I think her lip is so sexy. The eyes is the most like in her appearance.

The flowers is the fovorite smell for her.She would like to be a supermodel of Thailand.I think she can do it because her motto is try to be the one.
The last, the most important lesson for her is when she make a mistake, she will improve it.

[Aom] Benyapa


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