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This is N^U^N 's profile ( I don't know what her logo means to.)

Nun is the Chinese doll with eyeglasses that always sit next to Sai.
Her perfect happiness is to have a big family. She likes living with a lot of members in the family. She loves her family very much. She feels so happy everywhere & whenever she stays with her family.
She spends a lot of money in comic books.
And she fears of cockroaches like me that we will run away from it.
Her most dislike trait in herself is her jealousy. She feels jealous when her friends got a good grade. She dislikes the stingy people. And she dislikes her fatness too. She likes herself about her working hard in studying.
Her favourite smell is a water melon smell...???...
Her motto is "What the man do is the man done."
Her elder brother's snoring always awakes her at night.
She would like people to remember her in the way of a funny girl.
The most important lesson in her life is "practice make perfect".

See you in the class.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does a watermelon have a smell?

2:50 PM  

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