Sai's profile

Sai's idea of perfect happiness is marring in The Venice with her boyfriend,living in the warm home with the good family(parents,husband and child) and get the good job which get the high salaries.

Sai always carries the bag & MP 3 because she likes shopping and listening the musics.

Sai's the greatest love of life are her family and her boyfriend.Her family supports everythings she wants to do and her boyfriend who take cares her all the time when she need the help.

The greatest extravagance in her openion is clothes,accessories and the japanese products i.e. magazine,postcard,calendar and picture.she thoughts there are the luxuries but she still buy them every weeks.

Sai's greatest fear is snake.

Sai dislikes her walking action because she thinks it's not beautiful and she dislikes her loud voice.

Sai dislikes the people who speak loud.

Sai dislikes fat,short and eyes.She though her eyes are too small.

Sai like her eyes although there are small but she shows her felt by her eyes i.e. angry,smile and laugh.

Sai's favorite smell is rose because it makes her feel fresh.

Sai's happiest is the first time she met her boyfriend at their university.

Sai's motto is when you made a different you are special.

Sai awakes at night when she has the problem about homework.

Sai would like the people remember the good things she done.

Sai's important lesson in her life is try to do something which can improve herself although it's the difficult and spend the long times.



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