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P'Om likes to stay with her family happily .She really loves her parents.It 's her idea of perfect happiness . She sometimes buys some clothes extravagantly.When she goes out ,she always carries her telephone . She has more fear, she fears if nobody loves her actually,I will take care her .She doesn't like to worries about something because it makes her confuse and it doesn't good for her healthy.She doesn't like a self - fish person.Her face is a big problem for her appearance but i think ,her face is beautiful and she has a pretty brown eyes .Her favourite smell is food.She have a dinner with her mom marvelously at home.Her motto is " Where there 's a will,there's a way.She hates a sound makes her annoyed.Finally her importan lesson life teaches her to doesn't stay alone .
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Blogger Thai Students of English said...

I think you say some very nice things. I agree worrying isn't good fotr your health, I should know! What is her favourite food smell? Durian? or fried chillis?

12:03 AM  

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