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Her idea of perfect happiness is nothing. She always carries mobile phone with her. Her parents is the greatest love of her life. Clothes is her greatest extravagance. Her greatest fear is ghost. Her personality trait most dislike in herself is bad mouth and in other people is too much bitch. The most dislike about her appearance is short hair. And most like about herself is nothing. Her favorite smell is good smell. When she fell in love was her happiest. Her motto is "do good, get good." Nightmare always keeps her awake at night. She like to be expelled from school because she will be remembered. The most important lesson has taught her was getting grade 0.



Blogger aaron said...

Oat sounds like an interesting person. I think ghosts aren't quite so scary because they share the same spirit that we have. They are probably lonely and want company. Be nice to ghosts.

7:08 PM  

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