Do you remember me?

Sawadee krab Ed,

Do you remember me??

Hi everybody, How are you krab

I didn't join in class last saturday and other times but I have Jeab consultances about this class so I will join activity both in class and out of class by mail because I have problem about my jobs. I have busy in business about strategic pand and deveolpment customer so we will get target in 2006. This week we have homework with partner that I haven't partner in class because I have less participants. However, I will participate with in class that is Jeab so I interview her by MSN. We often have MSN through

Jeab had graduted Bechelor degree from Bangkok University in major Accounting. She works as about finance in jewerly industry. She has plan to study in Australia or New Zealands in next year. She will studies in Eng.language so I recommendation with her that may be study in master degree but she would like exprerience in aboard than degree. She has plan master deree in ABAC because study expense cheaper than aboard.

Jeab is the working women because she has passion about lifestyle in herself and got to high position that I think she will got the target in coming soon.

If i ahve free time , I will join again krab.

Oh, Ed.... Don't forget comment with me na krab

(Anusart S.)


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