Yesterday, my favourite boyband "TVfXQ" came to Thailand. They arrived at about 9 pm. Today, they will have a live concert in Thailand. TVfXQ is a band from Korea. There are 5 people .U-know is the leader. He is tall and handsome. He is a bass position. He is a good dancer and rapper. Hero is the most popular in Thailand, I think because he is very handsome and a good singer. He is lead vocal position. Max is the youngest and tallest in the group. He has high tone voice. He is high vocal position. I like him a lot. Micky lived in America before so he can speak English well. He came back to Korea because he wanted to be a singer. His smile is very beautiful. He is middle low vocal position. Xiah is the best singer. His voice is very good. He is middle vocal position. He has a twin brother but they look different.
They have excellent performances on stage. They have beautiful songs and great dance. They 're very popular in Asian countries, such as Korea Japan Malaysia and Thailand. They have Korea and Japanese albums. The most popular song is "Rising sun". When I listen to their songs, I'm very happy.
After the concert they will go back to Korea immediately.I hope they will come back to Thailand again.



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