My Story of Time Machine

Hi! Everybody!

This is an essay that I whote when I was studying in grade 8. It got the highest score essay and Mr.Ed said that I can post everything that use part simple and part progressive (giggle) ,so I choose this essay to post in the blog. This story named "Time Machine."

In the normal day long time ago, I woke up and took my several routine with my family in the morning. "Could you take the tool box in the garage?" my father asked me when I was eating breakfast. "Yes" I answered him. And then while I was taking my father's tool box in the garage, I saw a strange ball with many buttons on its body. I didn't know what was it because I had never seen this ball before and now it's making me wondered with its extraordinary shape. So, I made an experiment to press the buttons on the ball before I took the tool box to my father. Suddenly, it spun and spun more quickly and more quickly untill I saw it is a black whirling ball with no button. And then the unexpected thing happened, the ball jumped from the ground and showed an unknown number "+145" after that there was a big black hole under the ground and I fell into this hole. I was scaring and screaming when the way in the black hole was looked deeper and deeper. And then I became aware when I found myself in the land of unknown. When I was confusing about this land, there was an unseenable car flew above my head on the blue sky. I also saw houses around me looked more modern than my house. Suddenly, I had already known that I was in the future and it had to be about 145 years in the future. I found that that strange ball was lying behind me and then I pressed the buttons "-145." The ball spun and made the black hole under it again. I jumped into that black hole and hoped it would make me found myself at home. And my hope, I found myself in the garage where I found that strange ball. "Did you have a good trip?" that was my father's sound and he said further "it is a time machine."



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