It's my life.( Bon Jovi )

20 years ago!.
I was working for a computer company. My job was to do preventive maintenance mini & mainframe computers. Due to my job that had a certain period of time I had to travel to many cities in Thailand every weeks like Chiang Mai, Haad Yai, Phuket, Khon Kaen and Ubon. When I went to Ubon I stayed at PratoomRat hotel. This hotel had a pool, a restaurant, a massage place and a night club. In the night I had a bad dream. In my dream I was a policeman. I drove a car to catch a thief. The thief rode a motorcycle. Many policemen helped catching the thief. When the thief cannot escape anymore he looked at me, our eyes looked into each other. And he smiled like that he was the winner. Then he picked his gun and moved it to touch his head and then he shot himself. He committed suicide with smiling face!!!.
I had the same bad dream like this for 3 times at this hotel!!!. There were some differences on the vehicle of mine and of the thief. But the same bad thing was at the end that the thief shot himself while he was smiling at me!!!.



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