Homeworks last week

Hi, Jeab

I'm Ket. Did you remember me? I was not in class room two weeks. I read Ed's email on dated 09/09/06 about homework last week but I don't understand what he want us to write.

Please explains me.



Anonymous Del said...

Hello everyone. My name's Del and I teach with Ed at the British Council, Pinklao. Ed is giving his fellow teachers training on using blogs and is showing us how to use blogs effectively. I'd like to ask you all a couple of questions. What do you think is good about using blogs and what do you think isn't so good? Thanks hope to see you in the future.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your assignment is to write a short story from your week - from your life.

Try to use past tenses, continuous (progressive) and simple, if you can.

Your story can be true or you can lie, if you like. It can be about a bus trip, something that happened at school/work, anything!!!

be creative and have fun

9:57 PM  

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