My lucky

Last day, It was Friday.I studied a half day. The subject was a history of arts in Asia. It looked easy but it was difficult for me.I had to remember a lot of pictures and the detail of its. For example, the picture of Buddha and the graveyard of him,etc. So, I had to read and read a lot. While I was studying when my friends called me "Aom! , let's go to the cinema. " I replied O.K. immediately.And then, we talk and planed the programme togather while the teacher was teaching. Suddenly, the teacher turned back and said that "If you want to talk,please get out !" And then, time up. Oh my lucky.

By the way, last week , I had an important homework that was reading for final' s test.It was about dictionary-maker : Mr. Murray and Mr. Minor and others contributors. Do you know about them ? It was an extraordinary, true story.
Dr Minor was a scholar man but was a madman and a murderer in the same time. He lived in Broadmoor, a hospital and a prison.
Dr Murray was a quiet family man. He worked at Oxford University in the 1800s.
Together these two men worked on the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the most important works in the English language.
While I was reading, The dictionary was put beside me everytimes.I had to look for the meaning of 1,000 words that I didn't know . It was a hard work! Do you think so?



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