Differences between British & American.

This is only my thought because I've never been to England and never had any British friends or colleagues. I will use something from movies.

1. Americans always try to show something that they call "Think out of the box". And they always break the rules but at the end it will be good to do that way. But for British they will always follow guidelines & regulations. For me, "Think out of the box" is good when we are in a brain-storm situation. And we have to communicate to everyone in the team clearly after that. We work as a team. Not the one man shows.

2. Americans always show their strength & roughness. British will show their smartness, enchantment and politeness.(James Bond)

3. Americans don't have their culture because they compose of people from many countries like Spain, France, England,... They've just been U.S. for 250 years. While England has a long history for more than 2000 years.



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