Introduce Myself

Hi everyone,

My name is Atthapong Fahmongkolchai. My nickname is joh. I've graduated from Kasetsart University at Agro-Industry Faculty (Major Product Development) for 4 years ago. At the present I work at Samsen Brewery Co., Ltd. in production supervisor. My responsibilities are control mixing and filling process green tea line and prepare worker for production.
I live at home with my father and my younger sister in Bangkok, Thailand. In the future, I'll want to have own business about food products and distribute to around the world. So I think english language it
very important for me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a very solid piece of writing and a good introduction.

You make just a few errors with prepositions but that's about it.

Good start and I hope the course brings you all you want,


12:12 AM  
Blogger PinG said...

Hey! Dude
Remember me? Once a long long time ago, we both had a such memorable time together, "12 times long lasting". I miss you very very much. It's a pleasure meeting you here. Talk to you later.
From The One you know who I am.

3:17 PM  

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