What do you think?

Hello all,

good class today - very pleased teacher. I hope you feel similarly.
After you've done the reading (p11) finish off the questions 3 - 5 and then get to the "what do you think?" section. Post your thoughts and ideas here.

What can animals do that people can't? (thinking about communication - not just ability!!)
How do you like to communicate?
What is happening in information technology now?

I want you to post your thoughts and react to your fellow students ideas. Here are a few language ideas you might use to disagree:

For me...
I'm not sure...

there are many more, can you use some on here?

To agree:

For sure...
I agree with...

see if you can use these and some of your own expressions

good luck with your homework...Remember to use I think, and also remember these are only opinions, don't get upset or stressed, let's keep our cool!



Anonymous Green said...

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4:21 PM  
Anonymous Green said...

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