July 3,2006

Hi everybody,

My name's Rungrawee Chinphruthiwongse,But you can call me "Jeab". I live at Bangkok,It's the city of Thailand. I'm graduated from Bangkok University.My major is Accounting.

I'm work at Jewellry Company.My position is pricing,My jobs are check the prices of jewellries
i.g. the gold weight,the stone weight and quality and the others materials.I have to calculate the jewellery before ship them to the customers. My office have to contact a lot of customers whom they live the other countries.

I'm work at Thien Po Jewellery about 5years ago.I have a plan about my education that
I will study Master degree the next 2 years.

I want to change my major because after graduated.I've never done the jobs about accout!!.


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