My opinion.

1. what do you like best about living in your country?
- My country have many populay places that already invited you to visit. you can travel and signseeing all year because it have 3 seasons. Each part of the country has different climate,too. For instance, if i want to picnic at the beach, I have to go at the Southern or I would like to hiking and signseeing with cold clime, I must to go at the Northern.
So, the places in my country are the best that presented you to enjoy.
2.What would you miss if you lived abroad?
- If I lived abroad , I have to miss everything in Thailand. The first thing are my parents. They always stay beside me everytime when I ' happy or sad, thay can advised me everything. The next is my friends. If I live abroad, I don't know who I can talk to. The last one is food. I think , thai 's food is the most dilicious.
3.Do you know the foreigners living in Thailand?
- Yes, I do. I know many foreigners at my university but not closed with them .
4.What do they like about it?
-I think, they like thai' s food and the beutiful places in Thailand.
5.What do they find difference?
-Everything,for instance body, habbit and language.

By Aom.


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that's a very interesting opinion!!

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