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Last week I had a speaking test. I talked about the city where I live. I live in Nakorn phatom .There is a big pagoda in my city. It's the bigest pagoda in Thailand.Many tourist come to visit here. Sanamchan Palace is another interesting place. It was a palace of King Rama VI. You can also see the statue of Ya Lae, which was the King's dog.
The weather is very hot, but it rains every day. There is no traffic jam. Nakorn Phatom is a nice place to visit on the weekend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a lovely time in Nakon Phaton though I didn't see you there and it didn't rain either!

I saw the big "Chedi"(i think?) - at the Watt opposite where the buses stop. I went to Sanamchan (i think, big gardens lots of fish in the ponds?) It was beautiful but i think you need transport to travel around and I was on foot.

I didn't see the dog statue but I was really impressed by the whole experience and by feeding the fish.

I wanted to get a train to Kanchanaburi but I was too late so I had to take another bus. It was a good holiday - more in October...

I'll return there one day.

How was your speaking test? Our speaking test? What do you think of the BC tests?


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