Questions on BBC & World Cup

Hi, eveyone.

Last week I used almost all English on writing. I've done my staff's performance review. It's about their goals and competencies. No any Global meetings, so I did not listen to any English speaking at my office.

I have some questions on BBC & World Cup as this link below.
The word that I cannot find in any dictionary is "nuffink".
And on the vote, I think all choices are correct. I don't know that they mean to correcting in grammar or only British typically use that way.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regard to the vote. "I'm gutted" - is the only one that is "standard English" although "we was robbed" and "Nuffink" (meaning nothing) are both used but will not be found in any normal dictionary.

I was gutted by England, again but it's part of being English... We are 'nearly' kind of people and we love drama at big football matches!

Pank, it sounds like you have to do lots in English at your work. Writing in English has significant advantages because you can draft (like on this blog) and then check it and rewrite it, this is an important writing skill.

Your work sounds like the BC - we have to do competencies and yearly reviews too.

Keep up the good work,

11:57 PM  

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