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This post represents a continuation of a blogging thread of work which began before Christmas. This group are Thai adult learners (16-40ish) students studying once a week on a pre-intermediate course at the British Council in Bangkok. They classes run from Jan - April. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Annie's blog http://annie-triad.blogspot.com
Na's blog http://najournal.blogspot.com
Jee's blog http://jee-panda.blogspot.com
fon's blog http://fon0207.blogspot.com
Bae's blog http://eequoq.blogspot.com
Jeab's blog http://rungrawee.blogspot.com
Nun's blog http://sunnun.blogspot.com
Pank's blog http://pankman2006.blogspot.com
Meow's blog http://meow-meow-blog.blogspot.com
Mind's blog http://mymind28.blogspot.com
Green's blog http://greenqty.blogspot.com
Aom's blog http://aom-showtime.blogspot.com
Nut's blog http://onge-nut.blogspot.com
Kak blog http://kyozaa.blogspot.com
Oat's blog http://llollalltll.blogspot.com

Teacher's blog - http://edthekru.wordpress.com

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Blogging in China

Hi all,

I just came across this article on the BBC.
It's about bloggers in China and how the Chinese government is dealing with people who write critically about them. What do you think? Have you ever read a Chinese person's blog?




Your blogs

Dear all here are some useful links:
http://dekita.org/orchard/Blog_Project/ this is one place where all your posts will appear
http://neneai.blogspot.com/ for Jeab - it's about dogs...
http://dekita.org/orchard/Internet_English___Fall_2006/ the Japanese bloggers
http://dekita.org/exchange - on the left side there's a number of different groups of people blogging...you could explore these.

Please try and recycle some of the language we studied in class in your posts over the next week.

Also important - some of you are stopping people from posting comments on your posts. Make it easy - go to the 'settings tab' on your blog and then the 'comments tab' and change the "who can comment" button to "anyone".

have a good week,



Hi all,
just to let you know I'm going to be keeping a blog:
I hope to make it really interesting...though it looks a bit plain now. It might give you some ideas for things to blog about on your blogs, or it may bore you!!!
Kru Ed



Dear Class,

Can you please post your comments / reactions to this weeks class . Tell me how you felt, what you learnt this knd of thing...you don't have to tell me what we did, I know!! But you can tell me how you felt about doing what we did.

see you next week,



This week's blog project is to post a picture of a view from a window and a little text about the view.

E. M Forster wrote a famous love story called a Room with a View, which I had to study at secondary school. I can't remember much except it was about a choice the leading lady has to make between an exciting artistic type and someone who her parents like...

Anyway, your room with a view will probably be very different...to E.M Forsters which was about Italy and England in the early 2oth century.

have fun taking those pictures,




Dear All,

Oh!! Wow, Everybody have personal blog.
How do you creat it?
Last Saturday I didn't go to BC because I and my boss take care japanese woman go to travel in Chonburi province.
This saturday I may be not go to BC again because I am volunteer. I will go to Lue province for develop country (Create school and help children) with my company.
See you again in next week.

Miss everybody.