What do you think?

dear all,

1.What do you like best about living in your country ?
My opinion, I like the best are Thai food ,Thai counture, the climate in cold and rainy season and I think Thai people can accept the other coulture easily.

2. What would you miss if you lived aboard ?
If I live aboard, first thing I would miss my family,Thai food , good view and the weather of Thailand

3. Do you know any foreigners living in your country ?
Yes, last week the team of engineer came from US. to test about the radio
systems in Kanchanaburi.

4. What do they like about it ?
I think they like Thai coulture and the traveling place in Thailand about Thai food, they said " It isn't problem because in every city in US. have Thai restaurant and we ever took it before".

5. What do they find different?
They said " everything is different: coulture, language, food " but they think it's a good experience.



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