Dear everybody,

My idea of all questions are :
1. What do you like best about living in your country?
In my opinion, the best thing in Thailand that I like most is Thai's culture.Thai people always helps another people.They always take care of each other include the foreigners.

2. What would you miss if you lives abroad?
I'm surely that if I lives abroad I will miss my family and food. I have never far away from my family and my country.I always eat Thai food everyday because my grandmother cooks it.It's very delicious.

3. Do you know any foreigners living in your country?
Yes,I do. I knows all of my teachers at my university and my old school.They are many nationality such as Philiphin, India,American and Chinese.

4. What do they like about it?
I think they like Thai people and Thai food. Thai people always smile and helpful.TThai food is very delicious and healthy.

5. What do they find different?
I think they find that everything is different from their country such as food, culture,habitat and people.They will impress and pleasure with everything in Thailand.




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