What do you think?

Hi everybody,

This is my idea.

What do like best about living in your country?
- I like Thai food. It is very delicious. And when you are full, you will never vomit because of Thai recipe is not so greasy. And it's good for your health too.

What would you miss if you lived abroad?
- The answer to this question depends on which country that I will go. If it is Singapore, I will miss of our Thai easy lifestyle. I felt uncomfortable when I went to Singapore. I'm afraid of their laws & regulations. Someone said that if you don't flush the toilet after you have a pee, you may be in a jail.
And another one thing that I miss should be beautiful girls. I've never found any one in Singapore. This should be to the root cause of Singapore population problem.( Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Do you know any foreigners living in your country?
- Yes. My Director is Indian but he is an American citizen due to he live in U.S. since he was a child. And his accent like an American. And my VP is an American. He lived in Thailand for a long time since he was an engineer until now he is VP.

What do they like about it?
- I think they like Thailand because both of their wives are Thai women.

What do they find different?
- I think Thai women are very beautiful. Every class in BC I found many beautiful girls.



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