What do you think?


1. What do like best about living in your country?

-I like Thai food too. Thailand has many provinces and culture so Thai food is various. In the northeast of Thailand there is poppular dish called "Som Tam". "Nam Prik Num" is a local dish of the north of Thailand and in the south of Thailand everybody knows "Kang Tai Pla" . They have different tastes, but they are very spicy and delicious.^ ^

2. What would you miss if you lived abroad?

-I'd miss beaches in thailand, because I like go to the beach on my holiday. I think beaches in Thailand are the most beautiful in the world.(^^) Another thing I'd miss is TV programmes. Thai dramas are so different from other countries' dramars . Thai dramas can make me smile and cry. Game shows are very fun. The last thing I'd miss is my family and my friends in Thailand. I've never left home for long time. I'd go abroad to study only.

3.Do you know any foreigners living in your country?

- Yes I do. He 's my English teacher. He's from New Zealand. He's very kind and nice. But he never speaks Thai.

4. What do they like about it?

-I think they like Thai people and foods. If they didn't like them, they couldn't live in Thailand for long time.

5. What do they find different?

- The language and culture are different. But I think everything is different .



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