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Dear All,

How r u? I'm fine and happy in my life.

The first time, I have partiicipant about our homework. I try to make answer to share my experience to all. Please see my answer through

- What do you like best about living in you country
- The best thing in Thailand that I think it's Thai's habit. Thai people have good relationship with all that almost the foreigner konw is " land of smile. Now, Thailand have miss universe to present about greet "Sawasdee". I have beleived that everyone in the world would like visit to Thailand because Thailand have many festival such as Songkan festival or water festival that is the tranditinal Thai New Year. There are many activity to present about Thai culture such as Mather day or celebrate long life the king . It's gratefulness of thai's people that differnce others country. I would like to say" Thailand is the best everything in hte world". I love Thailand

- What would you miss if you lived abroad?
- If I have lived in abroad , I will miss about 3 things through
1. Weather , I think about weather because of Thai have located at geography tropical but abroad have weather cool.
2. Culture , because every country have differnce culture that I must changed behavior to live in abroad.
3. Food , The every country have many style food that differnce . Thai 's people like hot food but abould not like.

- Do you know any foreigners living in your country?
- Yes, I do. They are Boss in company. He come from many abroad such as Holland, New Zealand , England.

- What do they like about it?
- They like Thai's culture such as They will speaking "Sawasdee krab" when they saw me. Otherwise, they like thaifood such as Somtum.

- What do they find different?
- I think they found different with country throuh culture,foood,weather. Everyone must changed style to apply in that country.

Any qiestion or recommendation ,please let me know krab.

Best regards,
"Anusart S."


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