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Hi everybody,

I did the homework last night.What about you?

What do like best about living in your country?
-My best thing in Thailand is foods because i can choose to eat anythings i want,i.e. Thai food,Japanese food,American food,Italian food,Chinese food.The most important thing is the prices.Everything sale in Thailand not expensive.I have to pay higher if i live abroad.I know that the other country has the food to sale same as in Thailand but the taste isn't same.

What would you miss if you lived abroad?
-The first thing in my openion is the foods.Most of the people in the other country eat bread for meal but in Thailand which people eats rice for meal.At abroad,the food has high calories but in Thailand,the people like to eat fruits and vegetable.
-The second thing is the friend,if I live aborad i will find the new friend & the new people who has the difference nationality.
-The third thing is the beautiful places in my country,In Thailand has many Island,Water fall,Cave,Sea and the most important for Thai people is temples which the foreigners have to visit if anyone comes to Thailand but not visit at Thai temple,It mean they never been to Thailand.

Do you know any foreigners living in your country?
-Yes I do,They're my English teacher and the other one who work in the same office with me.

What do they like about it?
-I think that they like the food,the people and the beautiful places in Thailand.

What do they find different?
-I think they find that the expense for anything in Thailand very difference to abroad.i.e. the food prices,the pubilc transportation prices.Thailand has a lot of province which has a lot of the beautiful places nearly the Bangkok which is the centre of Thailand.You can go and back in one day.

I think i will see your idea in our blog.

See you in the class,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post! Have you thought of some "good" questions to ask a foreigner living in your county?

See you in class

9:34 PM  

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