Dear Students,

first of all I'd like to welcome all the new students who joined our class today. I wish you all a studious and successful time with us. I think we have a strong class here and we can, through hard work, achieve good results.

Secondly, just a reminder of your homework. The needs analysis is really important for me. The more information you can give - the better it should make the classes for all of us. The more you tell me about you, the more I can give you relevant content. Also, I look forward to reading your introductions, like Maruzio's, on here. I suspect that this week's homework may take longer than 10 minutes so sorry if you're all overworked, very busy etc, but you know what they say: "no pain - no gain!"

Thirdly well done to all who have blogged so far. I'm very impressed with your enthusiasm and efforts, keep it up. I'll post some comments on your individual writings shortly. I've tidied up a little so Jeab, Nun and Oat your messages are on this page.

To login to the blog click the orange blogger icon in the top left hand corner, and enter the username and password you wrote down in class, have you forgotten it already!?!!


P.S - don't be shy and don't spend too long writing drafts, although writing them is a good idea.


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