Dear Everybody,
Last week I had an examination a whole week.Almost subjects were English,and it was very difficult for me.Especially, Introduction to Business I had to answer six essays about demand,and supply curve in two hours.I think it's too hard for the first semester.I tried to read,and remember all of information,but I can't.Somebody say that you don't remember all just understand,but I don't know how to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nun, did you have an exam for the whole week? just one?
Supply and demand, I don't know alot about were you being asked to write prose or do maths on these graphs?
If you have to describe them then that is very IELTS. Perhaps when you finish level 3 an ielts course would be useful, or maybe you could take out a book with langauge practise to describe graphs from the I-aone or your school library.

The idea of reading to remember won't help, try to write notes and then use the notes to do something. This should benefit you more, and be more interesting than just memorising.

hope this helps,


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