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Dear all
Last week, I watched the movies about 2 hours every days.I think it's good for practice my english. I have a problem about these words below:

1. cop-police
2. I don't know-I have no idea
3. up to-depend on

I understand,What do these means? but I don't know What's different between these similar words?. Thanks if have somebody tell me the true.

regards, Jeab.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a GREAT idea to use movies to help you learn English. So relaxing!!! I am also impressed that Pank mentioned using the bbc site below. ANYTHING you do outside of class in / with English will help you grow more interested and more profficient in English.

The phrases and words you identify are interesting as they are all common in Hollywood style movies.

"cops" is US English. It's a slang word but it's a neutral meaning.

"I don't know" and "I have no idea" are very similar.

"It's up to you" and "we all depend on you" also carry a very similar meaning. I would say that "depend on" carries more weight.

I hope this is helpful

12:10 AM  

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