Hello all,

We finished a last class for level 3.1 yesterday.I knew somebody discontinues to study english language at BC at Pinklao branch but we can contact by post.

I forgot to ask somethink with Edward because we had a time not enough. I started learn english language from you at 2B.That about 5 months ago.I have no idea Did you remember our first class for level 2B? I feft you speaked english every fast I didn't understand a lot of sentenses you said but now I think I understand more than the first class I'm not sure about my english skill,it's better than the first class or you speak slower than.

I don't have a plan for holiday because I have to work on Saturday.And you?,Do you have a plan for holiday?

I think my problem about english language is I know vocabulary not much and there are easy vocabulary and I can't understand if someone says too fast.

see you the next 2 weeks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm studyig for the next two weeks, that and a little bit of work too.

I'm not sure if I've slowed down, you've probably improved. Everone in the class is coming along well, I would like to hear more English use in class particularly speaking next term.

Don't worry about not hearing every word. It's not important at this stage as you may not hear the word correctly and secondly you may not know the meaning of the word, It's best to just relax and try to understand the general meaning.


1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think ED's speaking speed is the same as Level 2D. But your listening skill is improved.
I've talked to Toey. He said he was bored, he cannot understood what the teacher was speaking. But after he tried to speak to other students in the class in English he felt better. So I think speaking English in the class will improve listening skill too. I like to speak in English with you because you always try to speak in English too.


12:22 AM  

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