100 th Post.

Your post are the 100 th. You are the lucky person. Please receive a lucky coupon trip to Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon at our counter. Our trip is one way ticket ( no return).

About next class I may be bored because some beautiful girls do not continue to next class. My heartbeat maybe slow down.

Last week I've read a political webblog and found a news about some Korean people protested against Thailand's coup at Thailand's embassy in South Korea. Some Thai people wrote on that blog about "This is my country, it is not your business." But I think the Burma's government may think like this when all the world told them to release Ong San Soo Chee.
This week we will have the new PM. Hope everything will be fine. Hope all the world will accept.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi P'Pank,

Thank you for the coupon but I don't want to go anywhere now and I don't know about the new Thailand's PM but I hope he will development Thailand.Some places in Thailand has a lot of problem i.e. poor people,drugs,education etc.

I hope many thing in Thailand will better.


11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Surely your interest in coming to class is in the English language not the pretty girls...!

Interesting political comments, it's nice to get students perspectives.

Do you think Ong San Soo Chee wil ever be allowed to leave her home?


12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure your question about Ong San Soo Chee is a question or just say "Never".
I think her protest is hopeless.
And other tribes in Burma now they can engage with the government to share their profit. So they don't want to fight any more.
Now there's only her party left.
That's why I said "Hopeless".

12:12 AM  

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